The Wild Wild West, We Made it.

Sorry followers I haven’t been on top of writing. It has been a crazy and hectic ride. I was lucky enough at the last minute to have my Grandmother drive down with me and the boys.

I was so surprised at how well both boys did.  I am pleased to say that Karter was phenomenal during the whole car ride. Jax did great too. I never had TV’s in my SUV. I always figured that driving to the store we could sing songs or what not. But having them in the car before we left and the boys amazement and fascination with a television in a car is what saved me on that 3 day car ride.

When we arrived to Phoenix the boys were so excited to get out of the car as I  and my Grandmother. The first week Karter wasn’t on any schedule and didn’t have any routines. He almost seemed happy and had very few outbursts. But this week has been rough. Trying to establish new routines and a new schedule. We’re also staying with my inlaws for another week before we move into our new house. We have no furniture until my husband gets here next week. Karter is surrounded by unfamiliar objects and in a new place so he is having a hard time adjusting. I’m sure things will be back to normal once we’re in our new home with familiar surrondings and things get back to normal.

Karter is DD eligible in the state of AZ. Therefore he receives all of his therapies free of charge, He also will be getting in home therapy so we don’t have to travel to a facility. This is only until his 3rd birthday which is in June. After he turns 3 they will make a smooth transition for him and will be in an Early Intervention preschool that will help meet his needs. As of now Karter only needs speech therapy.

Karter is trying to speak more this past couple of weeks and learning new signs. He is doing fantastic. However he has been off a Gluten Free diet and his episodes (when he has them) have gotten to be worse. I’m sure it will take some time to get the Gluten out of his system before he gets “better” with his tantrums.

I am having some trouble getting him to eat other food groups besides dairy. He seems to only want cheese sticks, mac and cheese, eggs, or gold fish crackers. There is a grocery store not far that sells only GF foods called the Gluten Free store. I haven’t been in it yet but my sister told me about it. I’m excited to go shopping there and not having to worry about reading ingredients with both boys. Life is going to be so much easier now that I know of this store.

Karter and I have a lot of help and support with my family here and I am so thankful for this. Everyone is learning to have patience and nobody makes me uncomfortable when Karter has an episode.

Jaxson on the other hand (my 3 year old son) Is not his normal self and this move has been the hardest on him surprisingly. Every night he cries for his dad and wants to go home. I’m trying my hardest to make him feel better about the move. Getting him involved in picking out his new bed and bedding. Picking out things and decor for his new room. The boys will have their own rooms and hopefully they rest better this way. Jaxson is very excited about this. He is bummed we wont have a pool but I am very excited we don’t, one less worry off my plate. The backyard will be perfect for the boys, its big and fenced in. With nothing but grass. And we have a doggy door for Holly our 4 year old Beagle.

Jaxson will be starting preschool this fall and he is excited about finding a school.

I miss my husband very much but talk to him at least 3 times a day. He really misses us. Karter will sit on the phone and babble to his dad for about 2 minutes and then its off to find what ever catches his attention. My patience is getting much better as well. I keep telling myself 1 more week and we will be in our own home where I can “Autism Proof” everything like it used to be. Will be updating more often things have been crazy hectic.


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