*During the whole day his blanket wont leave his hand unless we leave.

Karter will fall asleep in his own bed in his own room at 8:30pm.

At 4:30 am he will wake up and crawl in bed with Mike and I. Most times Jaxson will wake up as well.

Karter wakes up at 6:58am every morning. He wakes up screaming and crying and kicking me in the bed. I try and get out of bed as fast as I can and I’m not much of a morning person.

We come out to the living room, still crying, I turn on Thomas the Tank Engine, and grab him a drink of juice. He is happy.

I get Jaxson settled, get my coffee, and cuddle for one episode.

Then if I haven’t got his cases of cars opened and sitting on the kitchen table with a chair pulled out he gets in an episode. Do not try to give him his cars anywhere in the house only at the kitchen table.

As he evaluates them I start on breakfast, Jaxson usually helps me. We eat surrounded by hot wheels. Karter usually eats only his scrambled eggs. We can’t remove cars or touch them during breakfast. This time I will tell Jaxson what our day is going to be like. Karter pays no attention.

I pull out our board with pictures (PECS), I show Karter what our day is going to be like as well as talk and describe the pictures. Cars are still on table, don’t even think about touching them yet. After PECS are done, more Thomas the Train on TV or Curious George (Jaxsons favorite show) if Jaxson decides to watch a different show, Karter gets very upset, but we share the T.V. When Karter doesn’t get what he wants he moves on after a tantrum and will play with cars again.

During this time I get some house work done. After that is done We will due activities, color, puzzles, stringing beads, play outside, play dough, music and dancing.

at 11:15am he is ready for a nap. Usually grabs his blanket and takes himself to bed. We will read Brown Bear Brown Bear right before nap. Karter must sleep in his own bed in his own room by himself, Jaxson sleeps in my room. Karter will sleep for an hour and a half.

During this time I get myself ready for the day, more picking up and getting things ready for where ever we’re going that day.

Karter wakes up evaluates Cars- that are still on the table from this morning he waits for Jaxson to wake up. We eat lunch after both boys wake up. Karter prefers liquids or texture like yogurt. Likes all dairy products and loves Mac and Cheese. Cars still on table

After lunch is bath time and getting dressed. Karter loves Bath time he is ready to pick three cars to take in the bath with him, the rest he needs to swipe on the floor. We then pick them all up and put them back in their case. Case immediately goes back to where it belongs. He carries the red one I carry the clear one.

Gets into bath gets ready to leave. He has to pick out his own shirt always jeans never leaves without his wintercoat. We walk out to the car he has an episode because our dog, Holly, is locked up.  Karter refuses to sit in car seat usually take me 15 minutes to get him to the car and buckled in. Jaxson gets in his seat and buckles himself in because he see’s I’m having a hard time with Karter. I ALWAYS double check the boys are both buckled in properly.

I get into the car buckle myself. Karter still crying and screaming. Starts shaking his head. I keep myself calm and try keeping him calm by singing and handing him a toy car. He stops instantly.

I turn on the car, he starts laughing and clapping hands. His way of saying “okay Mom I’m ready to go”.

We get to where ever we’re going, we have to take certain routes to certain places. So Karter knows there isn’t any surprise stops.

We get to Meijer, a store comparable to a Super Walmart. I park always next to “return your cart here” sign. I get out and grab one. Karter is the first one I get out and put him in the front. Jaxson is next and holds onto the cart and never lets go the whole time shopping. I usually have Jaxson holding the pictures of the food we need to get. Karter holds on to a stack  of pictures for cleaning supplies. We never switch.

This helps keep shopping smooth, organized, and helps Karter understand what is going on. I don’t bring lists I bring pictures.

Now that we have everything on our “list” we head for check out.

Meijers always has little lightning McQueen Cars next to the candy (Karters favorite cars). As a reward for being good and tantrum free Jaxson always goes for the peanut M&M’s and Karter would rather have the car than candy.

We get to the Car I load up the kids, Karter is happy with a new Lightning McQueen Car ( We have more than I can count) Jaxson is happy with his candies. I load up the groceries and we head home.

I unload the groceries first, than the kids. Why do I do this? To avoid an episode, Karter thinks I will leave him forever, if I run outside to unload our things.

We get into the house he sits at table plays with his new car I put away our groceries. Jaxson helps me put things away. We then do another activity.

At 4:00pm I start dinner. Karter again grabs his cases of cars and has to sit at kitchen table to play with them. Again I’m not aloud to touch any of the cars.

Jaxson puts on some music, we make dinner together. After dinner is done, it is a must that all cars leave the table. They are put away again. We sit down and eat. Usually Karter takes 4 or 5 bites drinks all his milk and is done for the night. Jaxson and I finish our dinner and he helps me do the dishes.

Karter loves doing the dishes as well so he pushes chair to sink when we are all done eating and helps us as well. We make a plate for daddy and throw it in the microwave.

Now it is around 6:30 PM we walk across the street to my Parents house, We visit with Papa and Nonnie for a couple of hours. Karter is in paradise and so is Jaxson. at 8:00PM my husband Mike gets home from a long day at work and we head home to meet him. He eats and visits with the boys and I for a half an hour. Karter is thrilled to see his dad, and wants to show all his toys to him and play with him.

Now it comes to bed time. Mike and I get the boys dressed for bed, brush their teeth put them in bed and while Mike cuddles Jaxson, I cuddle Karter and read three stories out loud, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham, and Cat in the Hat. Leave room after kisses and Karter cries for 5 minutes. Jaxson says no words. Within 10 minutes I check on them. Karter is always fast asleep Jaxson just about. I always tell Jaxson how proud I am and what a good big brother he is and how much I love him.

After the boys are asleep I visit with my husband and we talk about our day. mike and I are in bed no later than 10:00pm and exhausted.

We repeat our day. Some days are different because of therapies and school, doctors appointment etc. The timing is all the same.  If one thing is out of the norm we have an episode. But for the most if we follow this schedule he has good days.


2 thoughts on “Routines

  1. Melani ali says:

    Jaimie, you have touched my heart sweetheart, you know you are such a good writer you should continue to blog and in the end make a book, I know it will help someone else who is going through what you are. You are a strong woman, and an excellent mommy , keep strong we luv you!!!

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